A Hotel with Curved Interiors: Opus

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa district, Opus is a mirrored glass building with a hotel, offices, serviced apartments and a variety of restaurants.


ME Dubai in Opus, which was completed last year from the outside, has both exterior and interior spaces designed by Zaha Hadid.

From the outside, the building looks like a giant cube with an amorphous hole that pushes it from the center, but essentially there is a pair of towers connected at the top and bottom to create the space effect.


“The precise vertical geometries of Opus’ basic glass cube create a dramatic contrast with the fluidity of the eight-story space in its center,” said Christos Passas, project director of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA).

A four-story atrium sits at the base of two towers. Above the void, a three-story bridge starts 71 meters from the ground.

The interior of the space is illuminated at night by a constellation of light, each individually controlled and placed in undulating glass.


Opened in March 2020, the ME Dubai hotel has 74 bedrooms and 19 suites.

White marble floors are accentuated by the golden edges of the plush curved seating areas tiled in a rich maroon.

These seating sections, called Ottomans, belong to Zaha Hadid Design, the design wing of ZHA.

A golden wall leans behind the white hotel reception tables that open and burn with light strips that match the hotel balconies above.

The thin golden edges are above the glass balustrades of the balconies set at a sloping angle back from the wavy edges.

Pillows placed in the curves of golden frames and benches on balconies are from Zaha Hadid Design’s Petalinas collection.


Each hotel bedroom has a bed designed by Zaha Hadid and a mattress that sits on a sculptural frame from the wall.

In the bathroom, sinks and showers come from Zaha Hadid’s 2015 Vitae collection for Noken Porcelanosa. Above some double sinks are twin mirrors with curves that appear to match the Opus’ central space.


Part of its sustainability drive, the ME Dubai hotel makes every room plastic bottle free and gives each guest their own stainless steel water bottle. Water springs are found throughout the hotel.

There are no kiosks to reduce food waste in dining areas and recycle on-site composts and organic waste.