A Restaurant: Buhairest


A Restaurant: Buhaires

Buhairest was designed by sculptor and interior designer Roman Plyus as a “dramatic” space that encourages visitors to take and share photos on Instagram.

Located in the heart of the Hungarian capital, Buhairest is housed in an early twentieth century building that once served as a textile factory.

Buhairest 2

“It has always been important for people to capture their history from the time of cave photographs – Instagram is like a small cave in which each of us displays photographs of our lives.” he says.

A curved niche in the back of the space depicts a pinocchio-inspired figure filled with a sculpture called the American Sen foundation Kaws – Small Lie.

At the base of the statue is a brass-framed plate that spells the word Instagram on the floor, making the area an important photographic spot for visitors.

Buhairest 3

Bold, Instagram-friendly details fill the rest of the space. The fireplace dominates one corner of the most basic room, and the reclaimed rust-red tiles create a polka dot pattern on the floor.

The same high tone has been applied to some other elements in the bar, such as the high table in the center and circular wall sconces. The undulating terracotta colored panels also provide a backdrop for a pair of round wicker seats.

Buhairest 4

The venue is adorned with Buhairest’s owner’s vintage Pierre Jeanneret chairs left over from a previous venue and earth-toned ceramic pots filled with weeds.

Gray marble was used to make the base of the bar counter, which has a shiny surface like copper. Marble stretches out an adjacent wall and offers a textural contrast to the rest of the beige plaster washed surfaces.

A sofa and a few armchairs upholstered in creamy bouclé fabric were used to dress the entryway of the bar, located just in front of the building’s original arched windows.

Buhairest 5
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