A Spiral Cafe Design: Codegen Cafe

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A Spiral Cafe Design: Codegen Cafe

Chelsea designed a spiral cafe with rooftop garden in London, by architectural studio NEX. Cadogen Cafe has curved windows that can be fully retracted when the weather is good.

The windows of the Cadogan Cafe design are drawn to the floor, allowing the dining area to spread to the surrounding area. Composed of 15 cm thick concrete panels, the spiral cafe is located in Duke of York Square, next to the Saatchi Gallery on King Road.

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It uses a chain system similar to a sash window for retractable, curved glass elements. These windows sit partially lowered to create a glazed railing around the interior, or they can sit completely flush with the floor level of the square.

At the outermost end of the spiral, a staircase leads to a rooftop garden above the restaurant, which is open to the public regardless of the areas mentioned below.

Together with the wooden floor covering and outdoor lighting, seating creates a welcome area during the day or night.

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Project information:
Client: Cadogan Homes
Architect: Nex
Landscape Architect: Bradley Hole Schoenach BHSLA
Project manager: Capital and Province
Cost consultant: Equal Consulting, TTPP
Structural engineer: AKTII
MEP engineer: E&M Tecnica
Lighting: DHA Design
Planning consultant: Gerald Eve
Principal designer: Nex
Contractors: Westgreen

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