A Villa Designed by Partners in Muğla: Dolunay Villa

The roof of the house is reinforced with steel columns and oak beams and was designed in collaboration with Blumer Lehmann.

David Summerfield said, “We were impressed by the environmental landscape and wanted this view to be brought into the interior. We wanted the building to be able to breathe naturally, even though it gets incredibly hot in the summer. The landscaped open courtyards inside the house allow the sea breeze to move gently around the villa. These are simple ideas that come together elegantly. ” he says.

The huge glass areas on the south side of the house open to the sea and invite the shore breeze. Dolunay Villa consists of two floors divided into private and common areas surrounded by landscaped gardens. These gardens feature fragrant herbs chosen to create a sensory experience such as thyme and lavender.

The windowless north side is covered with stone and wooden slats, the south facing side is covered with large glass areas.

“There is a real distinction between the public forum and the private sector,” said Niall Dempsey, partner of the architectural firm. A sense of discovery and a wealth of experience stems from the way the spaces change as you navigate the site. ” he says.



Inside, the most basic entrance guides visitors directly to the center of the villa surrounded by private quarters on the east side and common areas on the west. Here is a feature spiral staircase made of limestone that manages to access the lower ground floor.


On the south-facing façade of Dolunay Villa, glazed sliding windows open to provide access to shaded terraces. These terraces connect the indoor and outdoor spaces and help to naturally ventilate the house. The main terrace is connected to common living areas and a swimming pool.

Throughout the house, natural materials such as stone, wood, leather and bronze were used for the interiors.

The house is complete with a sunset mansion positioned closer to the beach. This pavilion also has an earthy palette of materials consisting of stone walls, wooden tables, and a bamboo surface.

Foster and Partners is an architectural studio with offices worldwide and headquartered in London. It was founded in 1967 by Norman Foster.