Architecture Abroad | Which Programs Do Architects Use Most?

Architecture Abroad Architecture in the United States of America

Architecture in the USA is much better for an immigrant than in other countries. The reason is that it already includes people from many nations. Thus, you are not treated as an alienation based on your race. (There may be exceptions)

Many companies specifically state in their advertisements that they do not discriminate on issues such as color, language, race or religion.

If you are going to America as an architect, the computer programs you need to know in job postings are as follows:

Revit (BIM): Among the BIM-based software, especially Revit stands out as a feature that is almost even more sought after in job postings in America than AutoCAD. If a company is looking for an architect and especially Revit does not request it, it definitely uses the following phrase: “Revit is preferred”
AutoCAD: An indispensable feature for all architects, AutoCAD is an indispensable standard for architecture offices in America.
SketchUp: One of the two major 3D computer software most requested for architects and interior designers is SketchUp.
Rhino: Firms that need more 3D visualization require Rhino for architects and especially interior designers. Three-dimensional visualization of the program is often used 3ds Max software is not uncommon in Turkey.
MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook / Google Suite): It is among the indispensables of all work in desk jobs in America. This includes architects and interior designers.
Microsoft Project: One of the most used programs in America related to project management and project planning. Although this demand varies according to the company, it is among the programs that should be known at “advanced level” in most of them.
Salaries are generally spoken annually.

Architecture in England

Architecture system in England is quite different from Turkey. In order to open an architectural office, you must have worked in an architectural office for at least 4 years and you must obtain a document proving this. Especially in the UK, as in the rest of Europe, there is a highly disciplined work program and emotionality is always put aside in the decisions taken. From this point of view, if you want to work in England, you should know that you have to work hard, knowing that general rules and rules will never be compromised. According to the information we got from the Turks working in England, “You should get used to the cold faces of the British.”

If you are going to England as an architect, the computer programs you need to know in job postings are as follows:

Revit (BIM): BIM-based programs and architectural projects have been made mandatory in architectural offices in England. And the most popular program in BIM-based software is Revit. If there is a software program that you will encounter more than AutoCAD, it is Revit.
AutoCAD: Although the use of AutoCAD in the UK has decreased considerably, AutoCAD, which is generally used for two-dimensional drawing in places where AutoCAD is requested as a business, is mostly used for three-dimensional visualization purposes. So (generally) you need to have both two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing information of AutoCAD. For interior designers, AutoCAD is mostly requested for the purpose of drawing in two dimensions. And AutoCAD is a must for interior designers.
SketchUp, Rhino, 3Ds Max: The use of three-dimensional programs in the UK varies from company to company. But in general, the most preferred are SketchUp, Rhino and 3Ds Max, respectively.
InDesign: InDesign is mostly used for preparing presentations related to magazine and printing works. But for some reason, it is one of the most demanded programs as Photoshop in the UK.
Photoshop: It is offered as a mandatory condition especially for interior designers. Like all over the world, Photoshop is an indispensable program for designers.
MS Office: Mastering MS Office programs is a must for all architects and interior designers in the UK.

Architecture in Europe:

When we examine Europe by considering the job postings in Germany, we see that the most demanded program is AutoCAD and MS Office programs. Gene Revit is a must for some companies. But it is not so popular as in America and England. Again, one is not particularly preferred in three-dimensional visualization programs. This definition stands out for Germany as “dominant in the 3D visualization program”.

Obviously, the 3D visualization program seems to be not a criterion sought in Germany for some reason. Let us state that we did this research especially for architects and interior designers.