Armchair Types


Armchair Types

One of the most striking elements of your home is undoubtedly your seats! It is very important not to ignore the things that need to be considered in seat selection in order to create a comfortable space in your living space and to achieve the elegance you dream of.


What is a Chesterfield sofa, for which houses is it suitable?

These trauma group models, also known as “Chester” in short, are among the alternatives that have been meeting the furniture needs of homes in the most elegant way since the 1800s.

Chester sofa sets, which have a buttoned design in the back section and sometimes the sitting section, generally do not have external cushions in the back. In addition, in this seat model, the back and arm sections are often the same size. Outwardly curved arms and wooden legs are among the most prominent features of Chesterfield seats; However, it is worth noting that the arms can be upright in some designs. Although identified with leather sofa fabric in mind, this sofa model can be produced with almost any fabric. If you adopt the classic style in your living spaces, you can choose Chester seats.


What is the Lawson Sofa, For Which Houses Is It Suitable?

Lawson armchairs, one of the most common seat models, attract attention with their elegance and practical cleaning.

The most well-known feature of Lawson seats, whose backrest is slightly inclined back, sometimes folded out sometimes upright, and has short arms from the body, is its short legs, that is, its skeleton close to the floor. allows. If you find a suitable option for the color palette you choose at home, you should be sure that Lawson-style armchairs will match the modern home decoration style!


What is an English Rolled Arm Sofa, For Which Houses?

The back and seat of the English rolled arm, also known as “Bridgewater armchair”, can be cushioned or not, and this seat model looks very similar to Lawson-style seats at first glance. The biggest difference that separates the two-seat types is that the arms of the English rolled arm are slightly higher than the cushions. In addition, this seat model can adapt to any decoration style in line with the fabric and color to be used.


What is a Tuxedo sofa, for which houses is it suitable?

The back sections of the tuxedo seats, which have a very sharp design, are flat, without a cushion or with cushions and buttons. The non-curved back and arm sections are the same sizes, which makes the tuxedo style seats have a rectangular structure. In the meantime, let’s not go without mentioning that tuxedo sofa types look very stylish in workplaces along with modern living rooms.



What is Mid-Century Modern Sofa, Which Houses Is It Suitable For?

Mid-century modern seats also offer a design with sharp transitions. These seats, which have models with or without a backrest, can be upright or slightly curved outwards. Mid-century modern armchairs complete with wooden or metal legs are one of the most ideal choices for modern and minimal homes.


What is Berger Sofa? For Which Houses Is It Suitable?

The armchairs are known as standing and single armchairs are also referred to by different names among themselves. Many design details such as whether the back part is cushioned and whether there is an arm part allow the separation of the larger types. Bergers are furniture that can be used in any style according to their designs.