Best Villas To Stay in Turkey


When you come to Turkey for an enjoyable holiday, taking advantage of the exclusive standards here can mean catching the unforgettable. Create a special holiday area for yourself by staying in villas in exclusive regions of Turkey.

A few weeks in bohemian and thematic villas, very close to the sea, especially on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, can be a real ‘’detox’’ theme for your busy life. In this content, we will examine what should be considered before receiving rental villa services in Turkey. If you like one of the destinations we will talk about, you can contact Kalkan Villas and have a safe, intimate, and special vacation experience by keeping your villa quickly.

Why Villa for Your Summer Vacation?

You can choose Kalkan Villas if you want to have a different and cozy experience on your summer holiday, to keep the time a little longer, and to feel more intertwined with nature during unforgettable days. The company serves people who live abroad and in the country and want to spend pleasant times by renting comfortable, luxurious, and excellent villas in holiday regions in Turkey. Let’s take a look at the advantages of spending your summer vacation at a villa!

  1. A large and spacious villa means a larger family or group of friends to have a long-term holiday at more affordable prices.
  2. You spend your holiday in a much more intimate environment with your family, spouse, or friends. It gives you a different pleasure to embrace the environment where your days pass.
  3. Comfortable, cozy, and luxurious areas that will allow you to do whatever you want will offer you a real ‘’break’’ from daily concerns.
  4. You will receive a specialized and intimate service away from crowds, noise, and public service areas.

How to Choose The Best Villa To Stay in Turkey: Consider Kalkan Villas!

In order for your holiday to be enjoyable enough and to maximize your comfort, the company you choose to stay in during your holiday must-have certain features. Here are the ‘’must-have’’ features of a good villa for a vacation:

  1. The location should be suitable for the holiday theme you have planned.
  2. It must have a suitable size for the number of people to stay in.
  3. It should have facilities and equipment to make you feel comfortable during your entire vacation.
  4. It should be close to the destinations you plan to visit.
  5. With its own theme, garden and pool, it should be a great option for the holidays you plan to spend in isolation from everyone.

Finding a suitable villa with all these features can be quite difficult. For this, we recommend you to get support from expert companies. Kalkan Villas has dozens of different housing options for those who come from abroad and plan an isolated vacation in Turkey. You can tell about your requests by contacting the company.


A Pleasant Villa Vacation On The Aegean Coast of Turkey With Kalkan Villas

Aegean Coast is one of the most preferred areas by foreign tourists coming to Turkey recently. Marmaris, Bodrum, İçmeler, Selimiye, Antalya, İzmir and many more destinations offer a colorful summer holiday combining sea, sand, sun, fun, and plenty of activities. You can contact Kalkan Villas for a madly pleasant vacation in these regions!

  1. Bodrum: Bodrum is especially suitable for those who like to vacation in crowded areas. If you want to spend all summer in bars full of hit music, crowded beach parties, and exclusive restaurants appealing to your taste, you are definitely in the right place!
  2. Marmaris: This region has fewer villas compared to Bodrum. Five-star luxury hotels, which generally have villa concept areas, are lined by the seafront of Marmaris. Here, it is a good idea to take a long walk along the port road and visit special natural beauties such as Palamutbükü and YalancıBoğaz.
  3. İçmeler: İçmeler, a neighborhood of Marmaris, is frequently preferred by those looking for villas to stay in Turkey. Because this small residential area appeals to those who want to have a quiet, calm, and intimate holiday with its special coastline.
  4. Selimiye: Experience a rich and exclusive summer vacation in your private villa. One of the most famous and luxurious marinas of Turkey is located in Selimiye.
  5. Antalya: With many different destinations such as Kemer, Alanya, Kas, and Olympos, Antalya is a true holiday paradise. Choose here for an isolated holiday experience in the middle of nature.
  6. İzmir: Izmir offers a unique experience with luxury villas located in districts by the sea. If you want to escape from the busy city during the summer holidays, but want to be in the central areas to explore Turkey’s culture closely, the metropolitan municipality of Izmir can be a good option. Here, the villas you will rent in districts such as Foça, Narlıbahçe, Çeşme, and Karaburun will give you a special experience. The days you spend in the heart of nature offer a completely safe and intimate space. You can contact Kalkan Villas to examine your accommodation alternatives in this area.

Kalkan Villas: Why Choosing The Right Firm For Finding a Villa Is Important?

You can work with Kalkan Villas to find a comfortable villa where you will spend all days of your holiday. This company offers you diversity with its wide network and rental residences in almost all holiday regions of Turkey. Note that: Diversity means a great holiday when combined with luxury amenities.

  1. A reliable real estate agent lowers your chances of having any problems with your villa during your vacation.
  2. Having a corporate company you can communicate with gives you confidence when you have any problems.
  3. You will have the chance to evaluate exclusive and special offers in the relevant region. This increases the quality of your holiday.

It is possible to reach the above service features with Kalkan Villas. You can contact the company to review more and see your options.

Staying in Villa in Turkey is Perfect. But What If Some Problems Occur?

Some tiny problems may arise while experiencing a pleasant villa vacation in Turkey. Usually, unexpected malfunctions that can occur in the villa you are staying in can cause the pleasure of your holiday to be greatly reduced. The important thing is to work with a company that you can contact directly when you experience such problems and compensate for this situation. Kalkan Villas offers exactly that. If it feels good to know that your experience abroad is protected by someone who is reliable and professional, this company is just for you!

Best Villas To Stay in Turkey: Which Region Should I Prefer?

This is entirely up to you! Tourists decide where to stay based on the holiday theme they dream of. Natural beauty, a crazy holiday experience, retreat, or exploring historical sites.

If you want more suggestions, contact a real estate agent and tell them about your dream vacation. They will offer the best personalized option for you. Kalkan Villas is a company that you can easily contact and plan the holiday suitable for you thanks to its professionals. Bodrum, Çeşme, Antalya, or Marmaris. Turkey’s most impressive destinations are ready to be explored by you!