Duplex House Villa Advantages and Disadvantages


Duplex House Villa Advantages and Disadvantages

Duplex houses, which consist of two floors connected to each other, are one of the most demanded housing types in the real estate sector today. One of the most important reasons for this is that duplex house plans are more useful and are more economical than single-storey houses with the same living area in terms of cost.

Duplex plans can be applied both in apartments and detached houses. Roof duplex apartments stand out with their spacious and scenic locations in the city centers, while garden floor duplexes stand out with their wide seating plans and garden or courtyard advantages. Although garden floors or roof duplexes are more common when it comes to apartments, some housing projects also include mezzanine duplex plans. When it comes to detached projects, duplex houses have advantages that are both economical and practical in terms of construction.

However, although duplex houses constitute the housing projects that stand out today, investors and home owners may have major doubts before purchasing a duplex house. Disadvantages such as the fact that it is more difficult to heat duplex houses, and there are some extra features that require regular maintenance in the roof duplex are the main concerns. Below, we will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of duplex housing types comprehensively and review the most prominent alternatives among duplex housing models with photographs.

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The biggest advantage of duplex houses for those who build a house is that they are compatible with the living space but have large living spaces. When building a house on a land legally, you can use a certain square meter of the land as the residence area of ​​your residence according to the relevant regulations and zoning plans. For example, if you have a zoning license with a residence area of ​​75 square meters, the floor of your home can be at most 75 square meters. However, if this area is not enough for you, then duplex house plans come to your rescue. You can have an area of ​​150 square meters by building a duplex house on a land with a residential area of ​​75 square meters.

This of course means a much more economical construction cost, because the land you need to buy to build a 150 square meter single-storey house must be much larger. Apart from the cost of land, duplex houses are often more affordable than single-storey houses with the same square meter, because duplex house plans consist of more compact and practical house plans.

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Reinforced Concrete Duplex House Villa
Duplex villas are also rich in material preference. Highly modern, extraordinary and innovative exterior plans can be created with reinforced concrete duplexes. The reinforced concrete duplex detached house brand in this photo is one of the successful projects that stand out on our pages, setting an example for those looking for such designs. However, when it comes to building houses on the land, we should also mention that reinforced concrete houses are the least preferred models. Although concrete is more economical for mass construction and large projects, it is an industrial material that costs more in single and small projects. Therefore, more affordable and practical alternatives come to the fore when building a house.

Steel Construction Duplex House Villa
Steel duplex projects constitute the most popular detached villa models of the last ten years. Steel houses, which are produced in the factory and are mostly assembled in the factory, stand out with their very economical, fast construction and effortless production and assembly process. The most important advantages of duplex steel houses are that they have almost unlimited options in terms of planning and the opportunity to realize the house of your dreams with the most ideal budget.

Wooden Duplex House Villa
Wooden duplex houses constitute the favorite duplex house models of recent years with their naturalness and practical construction functions. Wooden houses are often designed and projected as modular houses today, which means that the house you want can be built in a few weeks. Of course, these times and the cost of the house will vary with different types of wood; For example, log houses like in this photo cost more.