Edge House


Edge House

Edge House designed by Mobius Architecture in a mountainous region of Poland is a modern interpretation of the usual architectural codes.

The villa is located in the center of Krakow in Poland. The parcel of the house, which has a view against the mountains surrounding the city on the slope where the 8-meter limestone rock is cut like a knife, consists of 3 different levels: the level of green terraces formed with the project, the level where the ground floor of the house is and the level formed by the rest of the garden.

The building has a 37 degree roof slope and eaves in accordance with the design rules of the region. Although the 860 m2 3-story house is modern, it still maintains its connection with the usual forms. Emphasizing the dramatic nature of the topography, the design is in the form of a “tipped box”. Thus, sloping walls turn into sloping roofs required by law.

The living space is located on the ground floor for an impressive view. At the upper level, two wings were designed to accommodate auxiliary features to separate the building from neighboring buildings, and the garage and swimming pool are located in this area. On both wings, the walls are covered with wood and a green roof has been considered to be in harmony with nature.

Black claystone, copper plate, and green architecture; forms a whole with white terraces. Each room opens to the garden.