Gold Belt Detail Jewelry Store

Gold Belt Detail Jewelry Store

In the Grace Generation Fine Jewelry jewelery store designed by architect Tianhua Yizhu in Shanghai, she used curved arches and curtain decoration to continue the classical theater elements of the mall.


The design emphasized with blue, pink and gold elements is far from the usual style of traditional jewelery stores and creates an artistic contemporary atmosphere.

Tianhua Yizhu made twists and turns in a rectangular plan layout to hide spatial weaknesses in interior design. The different functional areas are gradually arranged, providing enough space for displaying jewelery, experimenting and resting.


Small theater-style facilities combined with decoration and lighting attract customers’ attention, while comfortable installation increases the desire to purchase products.

Balancing between limited store space and an abundance of jewelry, a variety of viewing paths were chosen, including flat cabinets, drawers, and windows so there is enough space to present each item.

In the showcase, an ornamental scene that is partially visible from the outside of the store, revealing the elegant craftsmanship of the jewels and protecting the privacy of the interior in order to offer a much better customer knowledge, was designed.


Project Information:

Name: Grace Generation Fine Jewelry

Architect: Tianhua Yizhu

Team: Lingang Yan, Yuze Liu, Zhenye Liu, Shanshan Chen

Location: Shanghai, China

Area: 30 m²