House without room partitions


House without room partitions

The tiny house in Tokyo was designed by Yoshinori Sakano Architects and has an area of ​​just 26 square meters. The room is divided into seven levels without order.

The metal staircase in the center of the building connects all floors, while almost all interior surfaces are covered with larch plywood boards cut to parallel sides and arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Home features without room partitions


The outside of the house is covered with an ivory colored material made of galvanized steel sheet arranged in the same pattern as the inside.

A metal staircase, ground floor 1.5. The kitchen and dining room are connected to each other on the first floor, then the living area on the 2nd floor, and finally the sleeping area on the top floor. The second-floor stair leads to the basement from the floor where the warehouse and bathroom are located.


All seven floors of the house are visually interconnected, so each floor feels adequate and spacious despite limited space. “This gives every resident the feeling of living in a large room in several small spaces at the same time,” says Yoshinori Sakano Architects.