Mooble House Tiny House on wheels makes your whole World, Your Own Land


What is the Tiny House Movement?

The Tiny House, some of which translated into Turkish as a Micro House or Small House, emerged in the 1970s as an objection to this increasing concretion and the consumption economy that reached frightening levels. (It is no surprise it came right after generation of 68)

Tiny Houses on Wheels were popularized by Jay Shafer and Dee Williams in the early 2000s who are both legends in this field.
Today, Tiny House Movement has become a huge industry and market, with tens of thousands of producers and hundreds of thousands of inhabitants all around the World.
Although inspired by the Hippies, the marketing success of the Tiny House Movement cannot be explained only by this free spirit.

Over the years Tiny Homes has become a product with many different features that appeal to many different tastes, from the most luxurious to the simplest.



What are the features of a Mobile Tiny House?

Let’s take a look at the general features and usage preferences of these lovely Mobile Houses:

Even though Mobile Tiny Houses are referred to as Container Homes among people, technically it is a more durable, permanent, and high-quality home. Tiny Houses usually range from 4 to 8 meters in length and obviously, the most important feature of these mobile houses is mobility.
It is no longer a dream to spend your next vacation, in a quaint town of your desire, in your own home, and without being tied to a single location.


Is it possible to use Tiny Houses during the winter season?

Although Tiny Houses are perceived to be used in the summer at first glance, they are suitable for use in the winter with their strong weather isolation and heating equipment.
You can enjoy your summer simply by locating your Tiny House in coastline town, and in the winter you can park your Tiny House in any forest area available and close to your winter house. That way you can enjoy winter weekends in your own cabin.

We can hear you asking, what if a bunch of Tiny Homes can park in designated areas which are specially built for them..?

There are facilities designed for Tiny Houses in other countries and owners can park their homes safely. These facilities, which are generally located in green areas, provides all kinds of infrastructure needs, while Tiny House owners can meet with people who share a similar lifestyle and socialize.



Have you seen Mobile Tiny Homes on the road?

World-renowned Tiny Houses, which are modular homes on wheels, have a huge demand thanks to their sweetness and comfort. Individuals, families, and people who got suffocated from stressful urban life are looking forward to owning Mobile Tiny Houses. Since Moodle House THOWs have licenses and plate, they can be located anywhere without dealing with construction permits. Basically, whole world becomes your own land. This situation is also referred as “cracking the code” in the world.

Is Mooble House Tiny Houses are vehicle or a home?

Naturally, people are confused whether Tiny Houses are a vehicle or a house. As Mooble House, we are confident to say that it is both. Legally, Mooble House is a trailer/caravan thanks to its license, plate and permission to cruise around traffic. Given its comfort nature with its homelike bathroom, kitchen, bed, sofa and huge interior volume, it is also a place where you can call it as a home. Tiny House on wheels are designed and manufactured to serve a home comfort to its users in any outdoor location with its durable structure and equipment’s. Mooble House has also many Tiny House Plans in its database which are specifically bespoken designed for clients.



Is it possible to tow Mooble House Mobile Homes like caravans?

Mooble House Tiny Houses are designed for mobility; however, due to its high weight (max 3500 kg) it does not serve its end customers a caravan mobility. We strongly advise our customers not to tow our Tiny Houses if they don’t have enough experience of towing such large/heavy trailers. (BE driving license is also required. Mooble House prototype Tiny Houses have made more than 10.000 kilometers and can be towed around locations by professionals.

Can I purchase a Mooble House outside from Turkey?

Mooble House Tiny Homes have a Europe Type Approval certificate, which allows us to deliver our Tiny Houses to anywhere in Europe. Mooble House Leisure Homes are manufactured within the European Highway standards both in terms of materials, dimensions, weight, and legal status. It is perfect to locate it as a Glamping product wherever as you desire.


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