Pitched Roof House


Pitched Roof House

Pitched Roof House is a project realized by Chenchow Little Architects. The realization of this project in this way is considered a miracle due to the strict city development rules and the demands of the customers.
The client needed a personalized home. The project should not only comply with strict zoning rules (each house should have a sloping roof) but also take advantage of the dense urban landscape of the surrounding area.


Through a reinterpretation of traditional pitched roofs, the architects have succeeded in designing a fantastic contemporary residence. They describe it by saying, “Unlike traditional pitched roofs, triangles are not only sloping but also transform the roof into a kind of facade.”

The triangular geometry of the roof continues in the facades, creating the openings. The interchangeability of the triangular geometry allows creating spaces by pushing and pulling according to the customer’s demand. Adapting to local city laws and the size of the roofs of neighboring houses, sunlight can reach the living spaces. Living spaces are located on the upper floor, making use of the sculptural roof as an image. Sunlight and the view overlooking Sydney harbor.


Bedrooms are located on lower floors and their use of the sunlight is limited by neighboring houses nearby. “It’s exciting to see how the architects interpret strict rules and create a new piece of work that responds to specific needs,” says the owner.



Pitched Roof House plans




Source: Freshome