Tiny House A45 Project


A45 Project

A45 is a tiny house project designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). The house designed in 2018 is the first small house design of the initiative named Klein. Klein aims to create small houses designed by world-renowned architects, that can be built in 4-6 months away from the center of New York, that can be adjusted and changed according to the inhabitants, suitable for any location and purpose.


In this context, A45 aims to be a personally adjustable home. The design of the A45 is inspired by the usual A-frame huts, like them, with a gable roof and sloping walls. The team turned to such a design because the type allows for a simple building process and rainwater flow. To maximize the possibilities of this classical structure, the small house creates a more usable floor space. The BIG team did this by rotating a square base 45 degrees and creating a roof that climbs 4 meters up. As a result, a structure in the form of a crystal that changes from different angles emerges.

The interior of the building has an area of ​​17 square meters. The A45 is a living space inside, decorated in minimal Nordic (Scandinavian) style. In the interior, priority has been given to the design of ‘hyggelig’ (Danish and Norwegian word for warmth and comfort mode/enjoyment), which is also a style coming from the north.

The pine wood frame structure, California spruce flooring, and insulated cork walls, which can be observed from the inside, allow A45 to absorb naturally into the structure. There is also a fireplace in a corner inside. Apart from that, the equipment (kitchen, etc.) that the team thinks should not be around is hidden in the back of the house.


A45 is a house assembled from modules in the field and made with 100% recyclable materials. The house consists of a wooden frame, wall modules, sub-floor layer, the ceiling part starting from the triangular floor, and the window part, which also extends from floor to ceiling, contains 7 pieces of glass, and succeeds in allowing natural light to be filled in. The whole structure is slightly raised from the ground with 4 concrete legs. The reason for this is to provide optimal support to the house and to allow the happy owners to place the house in the desired location without the need for machines.


The A45 houses a bathroom, kitchen, and bed in a living area of ​​17 square meters. Every piece of furniture in the house is designed by famous Norwegian names. The furniture chosen was also hand-made, with the character that puts the naturalness of the house in the foreground. The small toilet area of ​​the house is decorated with cedarwood. It creates a cute, comfortable, small, and natural space in line with the Hygge philosophy.