Tiny House Current


Tiny House Current

If your dream is to get away from the crowd and chaos of the city and live with nature and adopt a more minimal lifestyle, you are not alone! Because the “tiny house trend”, whose name we have heard frequently in recent years, is the favorite of those who want to live more freely in a more limited area. So, how about learning more about the tiny house now?

What Does Tiny House Mean?

Tiny house, also known as “tiny house” or “micro house”, means quite a small living space. Although there is no square meter limit for these tiny houses, we are talking about an area between approximately 10 m² and 70 m².

The purpose of a tiny house; to offer a lifestyle that is more minimal, far from the city but close to nature. It is precisely for this reason that the small houses you see and admire are general in nature and paint a picture that is free from the excesses of city life and consumption madness. One of the most important and differentiating points of this trend from other small-sized houses is that the most basic rooms such as living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are designed in such a way that maximum space savings are made, functionality is emphasized, and there is no excess in the living space.

How Did the Tiny House Current Start?

Although many articles have been published about the benefits of living in small living spaces since the 1980s, the fact that the tiny house movement started to make a sound in the world coincides with the fundamental economic crisis experienced worldwide between 2008-2012. Failure to pay debts due to the crisis, the increasing difficulty of owning a house, and the desire for freedom are considered to be the main events that led to the intensive construction of micro houses. Of course, let’s not go without mentioning that this trend, which started in America first, has spread to the world over time and is now becoming popular in our country.



Tiny House General Features

Let’s take a look at the general features and usage preferences of these cute wheeled houses:

The most important feature of these wheeled vehicles, which generally range between 4 and 8 meters, is of course being mobile. In this way, it is no longer a dream to spend the next year in a cute town and at your own home without being tied to a single location.

The feature that distinguishes Tiny House from other mobile buildings is that it provides the comfort of a home to its user everywhere. Compared to caravans and tents, the Tiny Houses are basic with both their solid structures and equipment. For example, in a Tiny House, the kitchen sink, toilet, and bed are the same quality and weight as you use in your home. Moreover, if you wish, your small home includes comfortable elements such as an air conditioner, dishwasher, and oven. Ideal for those who say I cannot compromise on comfort even if I am in the heart of nature.

Although the Tiny Houses are perceived as a summer vehicle at first glance, they are suitable for use in winter with their strong insulation and air conditioning equipment. You can enjoy the summer with your Tiny House, which you can locate in a summer town of your choice in the south, and in winter you can park your home in a forested area close to Istanbul. In this way, you can sip your tiredness coffee in your own forest house with a two-hour drive on Friday evening.

Well, we seem to hear you say, how would these Tiny Houses come together and design appropriate spaces for them? Yes, there are facilities abroad designed for Tiny Houses. Tiny House owners can safely park their homes in these facilities. While the infrastructure needs are offered in these facilities, which are generally located in green areas, Tiny House owners can find the opportunity to socialize with people who share a similar lifestyle.

The Tiny House culture can be seen as a very good alternative for those who want to save their children from being apartment children. You can live a green life in Tiny House by saving yourself and your children from the triangle, phone, and television. (At least on weekends)



What Should Be Considered When Buying Tiny House?

Another thing that needs to be considered when buying Tiny House is the infrastructure situation where you will position your house. Although their use is common depending on the general city electricity and water network, Tiny Houses can also be self-sufficient depending on the hardware package you choose. There is no limit to technology, from solar panels that provide daily energy needs, from toilet waste to fertilizer producing machines.