Two Different Interiors One Museum

Two Different Interiors One Museum

New York studio LTL Architects designed minimal gray interiors that show the contrast of white neoclassical columns for America’s first major museum dedicated to poster history.

Dubbed the Poster House, the museum is on the ground floor of an existing 10-story building near Madison Square Park on the border of New York’s Chelsea district.

The museum includes a lobby, gift shop, cafe and exhibition hall, and a cellar with office and other private rooms.


Local studio LTL Architects designed the interiors to break through original details from the early twentieth century, such as exposed brick walls, barrel vaults, and ornate cast iron columns painted in white.

The studio has placed a gray area to cover the exhibition area and conclude with a canopy at the 23rd Street entrance.


The 185-meter-long (56-meter-long) installation divides the museum’s slender floor plan, stretching 200 meters (61 meters) from 23rd Street to 24th Street, into one side and galleries opposite.

The passage and common areas feature original architectural details and contrast with the gray volume.

Rounding out the design are concrete or wood-lined floors, wooden benches and tables, and black railings.


Poster House is the first major museum dedicated to the global history of posters in America. It is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and instead displays the city’s Covid-19 posters digitally on LinkNYC Wi-Fi service panels.


Project credits:
Project team: Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; Anna Knoell, Michael Schissel, Jillian Blakey, Sonia Flamberg, Jenny Hong, Eli Back
Civil engineer: Silman
Mechanical engineer: Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer PC
Lighting design: Lumen Architecture
Code consultant: J Callahan Consulting Inc
Graphic designer: Pentagram
Interactive designer: Conduit Projects Incsp