Types of Tiny Houses


Types of Tiny Houses

Shipping Container Homes


Containers to be used in transport may not mean anything to you like many people, but did you know that these shipping containers can actually become a warm living space?

Shipping container houses, a type of tiny house, are composed of containers, each of which has an area of ​​approximately 10 m². Of course, in order for these containers to turn into a home, areas such as doors and windows must be created and electrical-water installations must be made. In addition, shipping container houses can be single-story or double-story. At this point, how you place the containers and how much space you need as a living space is decisive.

Prefabricated Houses


All areas of prefabricated houses, one of the most preferred types in the tiny house trend, are fabricated and brought together. All you have to do is to have your home in a short time after a little assembly! Prefabricated houses that can be built from different materials such as steel, wood, and SMC can offer different options in terms of size. Prefabricated house prices, on the other hand, are shaped by both the size and the material to be used in the construction of prefabricated houses. In short, you should have no doubt that there are prefabricated house models suitable for your taste, needs, and budget!

A Skeleton Cabin Houses


A skeleton cabin houses, one of the most popular and remarkable tiny house models, have a very warm design. The most important functions of these houses are that the roof covering the house descends in a triangle shape close to the floor. These single-story houses, which are generally made of wood, also have two-story alternatives. The sizes of these small houses can vary between 15 m² and 80 m² in general. Of course, you can also find bigger alternatives. You can also buy A-frame cabin houses as a ready-made, or have an architect design them according to your needs and then have them built.

Bungalow Houses


It is one of the micro house types, where wood is generally preferred as a building material and there are also two-story alternatives, although it is mostly single-story. You can buy a fabricated bungalow house or have an architect draw and build a bungalow house that suits your needs and taste. The fact that they are generally built-in wood is one of the functions that make bungalow houses eco-friendly. Of course, at this point, we should note that it is necessary to make the necessary thermal insulation to protect against seasonal conditions.

Mobile Houses


Small house models that can be attached as a trailer and can be moved thanks to the wheels under the house are called “mobile houses”. The opportunity to travel with these types of houses is considered as one of the biggest advantages. In addition, bus/truck houses and caravans that can be moved without a trailer are also known as mobile homes.



Caravans are fabricated to suit accommodation. The caravans that offer the opportunity to travel in the living area are both driver-driven and trailer types.