What is Architecture?

What is Architecture?

Architecture is a branch of art that designs civic buildings to meet people’s housing needs. But not all designs are architectural. In order for a building to be considered an architectural product in terms of art, it is necessary to apply the mathematical symmetry called the golden ratio throughout the building.

What is architecture? The subject of architecture is human. Architects examine the environment, cultures, history and places to live in healthier, more comfortable and much better conditions. In the light of the information they obtain, they design new buildings, building environments and direct the construction process. Considering the history of humanity, shelter is one of the main needs. With this view, architecture can be considered as one of the oldest professions in the world.

From the residences we live in to shopping centers, from schools to hospitals, from prayer centers to public buildings, buildings and their surroundings are within the working area of ​​architecture. Generally, there is a misconception that architecture only deals with the exterior of buildings. Architecture is basically concerned with the spaces that buildings produce within rather than their exterior surfaces. Architects and architects produce more comfortable, healthy living spaces for people. Usability, permanence, beauty and originality are the main values ​​of architects.




Who Is The Architect Called

Architect is the artist who builds both civil and religious architectural structures. The art of architecture has a unique texture that varies from society to society. For example; There are seven geographical regions of Turkey and architectural understanding of this region revealed the different designs can be seen that when taken. To reinforce with an example; With the high temperature in Southeastern Anatolia, stone is the building material of the architectural formation. On the other hand, in Central Anatolia, mud brick, the styilised form of brick and brick, is the building material of buildings. Again in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, as a result of the high humidity rate, wooden material is used as a construction element.

Architectural drawing

The history of architecture is very old. The existence of an architectural understanding can also be seen in prototype buildings before the invention of writing. When we consider Anav, Afanasyevo, Andronovo cultures as preparatory cultures, we can say that the primitive hut buildings are also primitive architectural understanding. Primitive people of the period built different huts in order to make art, with basic needs such as shelter in the first place. The most concrete indication of what they did not only do for shelter is that they designed an oval around their graves. This understanding shows that it can be seen that they are not just trying to build a grave. The architectural art discussed in the article sometimes has a sense of style that has changed under the influence of different cultures.

We can explain a few of the architectural styles as follows.

Artists determine the style of architectural art. As in every branch of art, the local architectural style was born in this branch of art, using local characteristics. The presentation of the architectural structure shaped by the climate of the local regions in this style is a concrete indicator of this style. On the contrary; With the westernization process, new styles called baroque and rococo emerged in architecture.