What is Interior Architecture Design?

First of all, let’s explain that, graduating from Interior Architecture or Interior Architecture and Environmental Design does not change anything. As a result, you graduate with the title of interior designer. It is a small change in the curriculum that covers the environmental design part.

The main purpose of the interior architecture profession is to create habitable spaces for people. Do not do this, or it begins with the finishing works of the roughly constructed space. He designs interior designers who specialize in finishing such as material, color and texture selection. Then, he sets up the space in line with the customer’s tastes. It is his duty to even choose the curtain of the space he designed. But interior architecture isn’t just about putting what it takes. The interior designer designs all the features to be used in the space. You can understand, not the furniture he chose; It places the design that it has designed or created by another interior designer into the space.

What is Interior Architecture Design?

Interior architectural design is the process of designing the interior of any space. Interior design, planning, aesthetic and technical solutions for the efficient and elegant use of spaces achieve success.

All of the design and result processes, called interior architecture, are made to add functional living spaces and provide visual ambience. Many factors play a role in interior design.

Visual factors (color, light, form),
Tactile factors (surface, shape, texture),
Auditory factors (noise, echo).
The designer creates the necessary aesthetics by using the relevant materials correctly. It kind of gives shape to objects. The designer must have a broad knowledge of furniture and accessories and colors. The most used materials by interior designers:

carpet and floor coverings,
paint and wall coverings,

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Interior designer is the person who designs using different items and accessories to make the living spaces of people useful and stylish. They design a better, healthier, safer and comfortable physical environment. People’s creativity is seen as the most important factor.


What is the Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration?

Interior design is a process made by interior designers and requires technical calculation of every detail. Decoration, on the other hand, is the process that forms a part of interior architecture and is designed according to personal tastes. After the interior designer has designed the space, the decoration process is completed according to different tastes. Both processes are enjoyable and creative.